After boy’s toys, come tools: those bare essentials that everybody needs to have close to hand – these are the tools which solve a hundred and one problems around the home. It’s a fact of life that just about everyone, will at sometime or other, have to roll up their sleeves and get involved in some form of do-it-yourself. More often than not, it’s the simple jobs we are called to do, putting up a shelf, wiring a light or hanging a picture.

As a consequence, over time, we begin to collect tools, both powered and non-powered. Our skills improve, our confidence grows, our toolbox grows…and when we actually begin to enjoy tackling projects around the home, we become more adventurous and confident, we take on bigger challenges. A big factor in do-it-yourself success depends on using the right tools for the right job.

This doesn’t always mean having to buy the most expensive tools, but they must be of reasonable quality; poor quality tools just do not perform as well as better made ones, nor will they last as long.

Listed here are the ten most useful tools to have in your toolbox. This basic collection will do many jobs, and you’ll be reaching for them time and again.

Multi Function Screwdriver

Multi Function Screwdriver.


Four basic screwdrivers will cover most jobs; a small and a medium flat-head screwdriver and a small and medium cross-head type – or opt for a multifunction screwdriver. For speed or bigger jobs, go for a power screwdriver and take the strain out of screw fixings.

Spirit Level

Spirit level

There is nothing worse than having things out of plumb, not level – for a professional job don’t guess, or accept near enough…use a spirit level to avoid uneven, crooked lines. With prices starting at a couple of quid, can you afford not to?!


Draper Pliers

Get to grips with a set of pliers – a flat-nose, a long nose and a side cutter. Don’t be tempted with some of the cheaper, poorer quality tools readily available today…go for the best you can afford, they will outlive you.

Reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saw


One saw for all jobs – reciprocating saws are extremely useful as they will cut wood, metal and plastic; changing the blades is quick and easy. Another option is to include a handsaw, junior hacksaw, and a wood saw, none of which are however are as versatile.




Two hammers, a small pin-head and a larger claw hammer will cover most jobs around the home – but as you become more experienced you may wish to choose a hammer for all the different occasions that can arise, options include clump hammers, long handled hammers, or mallets.



If you intend to work with wood – for repair or when constructing – a good set of quality chisels are a worthwhile investment. A set of three chisels, large, medium and small, used with care and due respect will provide an accurate, professional finish…every time.

Mitre Block

Mitre block

At some time or other you’ll be faced with going round a corner, cutting an angle where the fit needs to be absolutely spot on…to avoid unsightly gaps – for these occasions, a mitre block is indispensible for ensuring straight cuts and neatly angled joints.

Electric drill


With today’s modern, lightweight portable drills there’s no need for lugging heavy, bulky drills and extension leads around…the batteries last for ages, and a full charge will save lots of elbow grease and over exertion – there’s no need to make things harder than they need be. The DeWALT DCD710S2 is currently for sale with £165 off it’s RRP.

Socket set

Socket set

Ever notice how you can never find the right size spanner or socket when you need it?  A slim line, comprehensive set like the one above will cover just about every nut and bolt you might come across – most sets come complete with various attachments, for those awkward to get into places where restricted access can cause problems.


The tools above should be included in every toolbox…as a starting point, something to build upon.  Whether you’re a professional, seasoned do-it-yourselfer, or new to hand and power tools, take the time to browse our online store – we have thousands of tools and accessories in stock for just about every job

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