Here are 7 great DIY ideas that are crazy enough to work…

  1. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Don’t go taking apart your current washing machine, head to a scrap yard instead. Fire pits are perfect for when you’re entertaining and this one will definitely turn some heads The holes in the drum allow in the right amount of air for the perfect fire and you could always use an electric welder on a steel hinge and turn it into a BBQ for the summer.


  1. Piano Bar

There’s no question about it, you need this repurposed piano bar in your life. If done right it makes a classy bit of furniture for a man cave and will make all of your mates green with envy. If your piano doesn’t have them, fix castor wheels to the base so it’s easy to reposition.


  1. Wine Bottle Chandelier
wine bottle chand

If you drink a lot of wine and don’t want to sound like an alcoholic every time you take out the recycling, then try this wine bottle chandelier. It might take a while to make and you’ll have to drink a lot of wine, but when you’ve finished you’ll have a great sense of achievement…and a huge hangover. You’ll need to find sturdy chains and a rack as well as a glasscutter.


  1. Garden Tools Dining Chairs

Here’s an excuse not to do the gardening. Why not turn old shovels and pitchforks into quirky, up cycled dining chairs. The shape of the shovel works perfectly as a seat base but if you have a bony behind then just chuck on a cushion to make it more comfortable. You’ll need a sturdy handsaw, a quality hammer and some nails.


  1. Repurposed Hubcap Light

One for car enthusiasts now. The American classic styles work the best, so head out to reclamation yards and see if you can find one. If it’s a bit rusty, no worries, the rust will give it an industrial feeling, but if you want a nice shiny finish you could always polish it up with a sander.


  1. Cork Walls

Stick with me for this one. Cork walls were popular decades ago and now they’re set to make a comeback in 2017. Let’s face it, painted walls of solid colour are boring and wallpaper is a hassle to hang. Cork walls not only look great but they also provide pretty decent sound insulation, so if you’ve got noisy neighbours it’s a great choice. It’s easy to install to. Corkboard is readily available and as long as you find a piece that fits your wall all you need is a corded or cordless drill, some screws, wall plugs and a screwdriver.


  1. A cloud forest in your garden


Topiary is back with a vengeance this year. For too long people have been pruning their trees and shrubs into boring shapes like pyramids. One of the biggest trends to hit UK gardens in 2017 is cloud pruning. It originates from Japan and as the name suggests, trees such as yews, hollies, eucalyptus and even magnolia are pruned into irregular, lumpy-shapes that give the impression of clouds. So why not grab yourself one of our high quality hedge trimmers and give it a go.

We hope that this has given you plenty of inspiration for 2017 and if you want more information about MAD4TOOLS and the products we supply please do not hesitate to get in touch at or alternatively call us on 01179 780174, where our friendly and helpful staff would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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