Summer is here and, well, I think we can all agree that it’s pretty warm out here. With temperatures regularly pushing 30 degrees across the country and many of us starting to feel the burn, we’re all seeking ways to beat the heat and get back to living and working in cool, dry comfort.

There are countless ways to staying cool when the weather is hot, but when it comes to air conditioners, we’d be hard-pressed to recommend a superior brand for home use than Rhino.


Who is Rhino?

Rhino is a premium UK manufacturer of innovative heating, cooling and pumping solutions designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the UK climate.

Their acclaimed range of heating, drying and cooling solutions are relied on throughout the year in both homes and on site. What separates Rhino from the rest though? Their total commitment to quality in each component, ensuring effective performance year after year in even the most challenging environments.

Today though, it’s their air conditioner range that we’re interested in. Boasting advanced features and compact design, they’re suitable for any property. Let’s take a deeper dive into their features, shall we?


Rhino H03607 Portable Air Conditioner 9,000Btu

With the heat making everyday life difficult, it can be tough to know how to tackle it. Fans just move warm air around your home and air conditioners are static and can’t go with you from room to room.

It’s why portable air conditioners are so popular, and the Rhino H03607 is a fine example. With discreet styling and a compact frame measuring H825 x W443 x D422mm, it’s suitable for even the most compact rooms. Its 9,000Btu output makes it suitable for up to 1,600 cubic feet of air conditioning in temperatures between 18-32 degrees.

Its strength though is in its smart features, like the 3-speed fan, digital control panel, remote control and 24-hour timer, all of which make operating the Rhino H03607 a dream. Best of all? It comes complete with a one-year manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind.


Rhino H03608 Portable 4 in 1 Air Conditioner 12,000Btu

When you need to cool a larger room, the Rhino h03608 is where you need to look. With a whopping 12,000Btu output, it’s capable of cooling up-to 3,200 cubic feet of air. That’s ideal for large spaces which otherwise might struggle to be cooled.

Much like the Rhino H03607 it features all the advanced features you’d expect, but the Rhino H03608 goes one further by including 4 functions in a single machine. Rather than simply cooling your air, the Rhino H03608 has built-in fan functions and the ability to both heat air and pull moisture from the air (dehumidify).

Those features position the Rhino H03608 are the ultimate all-in-one air treatment product for your home. Rated A for energy efficiency and with dimensions which measure just H825 x W443 x D422mm, there really is no finer option for the home or business user looking for a simple, elegant all-in-one solution.

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