In many circles, LED lighting is seen as the future. It’s already replaced incandescent bulbs in homes, cars and factories, and it’s heading for near total ubiquity.

That’s also true in the trade, where LED work lights and flashlights are amongst the fastest growing sectors around, with countless hobbyists and professionals discovering the advantages that LED lights have over their more traditional counterparts.

Here at MAD4TOOLS, we’re delighted to supply a huge variety of LED work lights to customers all over the UK, but why should you invest in them? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons:

They save you money

LED lights are an extremely efficient source of lighting, using just 10% of the power to produce comparable levels of brightness from traditional lighting sources. In a time when electricity prices have risen by a shocking 53% in the last five years alone, a 90% saving on energy usage is a huge draw.

Adding to the cost saving element is the fact that LED lights last significantly longer than traditional bulbs, with a guaranteed life of over 30,000 hours for the vast majority of LED lights, and many offering over 50,000 hours of continuous usage. Not only does this signal an end to frustrating failures putting a halt on work, it means you’ll save bundles on replacements down the line.

They can be powered by batteries

As useful as fluorescent or halogen work lights can be, powering them by anything other than a generator is deeply impractical thanks to their high energy demands. That makes them a deeply inconvenient option for jobs at night or in locations without a power source.

LED lighting, on the other hand, is often available with battery power, making them a much more versatile lighting option than competing lights.

They’re safer

There can be no denying that when it comes to meeting your health and safety requirements, LED lighting is by some distance the safer option.

Why? Well, LED lighting uses no glass in its construction, making them tougher and far less likely to shatter and risk harm. They also output light without heat, meaning that there’s no risk of burning or fire hazards from powerful floodlight-type lighting.

That lack of heat also makes them ideal for jobs where you don’t want to hasten the drying process.

They’re better for the environment

It might not be a primary consideration when you’re on site, but the environmental impact of the things we use is extremely important.

LED lights boast a reduced carbon footprint thanks to their low power requirement, no mercury in their construction, reduced light pollution and zero UV or IR radiation. It’s just another advantage that LED lighting has over competing methods, and another thing to consider when you make your purchase.

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