If you ask most people about builders and tradespeople, you’ll often get some pretty nasty stereotypes back. ‘Lazy!’, ‘Beer-swilling!’, ‘Wolf-whistling!’ and just some of the more common epithets when it comes to the great British builder.

They’re accusations as old as time itself, but in 2021, do any of them still ring true? We live in an age of immense competition for jobs, so is there any room for the ‘fry-up at 10 am and pub by 4 pm’ builder, and do they even still exist?

According to research by My Builder, the answer is ‘no’. In fact, their study found that modern builders are far from the stereotypes they’re often laden with. So, what are the biggest myths tackled by the My Builder report? Let’s take a look.


‘Builders are Lazy and Smelly’

We’ve all heard it before, but whilst there might well be some lazy builders out there, the vast majority are up and at it first thing in the morning.

Case in point? Fully 95% of those polled by My Builder report waking up every day before 7 am. They’re not just rolling out of bed and on to the site either, with 32% doing their hair, 24% applying aftershave and 1 in 5 moisturising! Clearly, the male grooming revolution has spread to the modern builder.

Additionally, 98% of builders shower at least once per day with 64% opting for two showers a day and 55% enjoying a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day.


‘All Builders Cat-Call and Wolf-Whistle’

Sexism isn’t a laughing matter, and for most builders being labelled a sexist is a real concern. 69% of those polled said that they’d never cat-called or wolf-whistled to anyone of the opposite sex, preferring to keep their attention on the task at hand instead.

To take it one step further, 62% of tradespeople identified themselves as feminist, with 76% believing that wolf-whistling was out of date and old-fashioned and over half of them suggesting they would urge a catcalling or wolf-whistling colleague to stop.


‘Builders Live on Cups of Tea, Cigs and Fry-Ups’

Builders expend a huge amount of energy throughout the day and whilst fry-ups used to offer a quick way for builders to get some energy, they’ve fallen far out of fashion. Today, just 6% of those builders polled reported having a fry-up for breakfast. Pray for greasy spoons across the nation!

Whilst tea remains a very popular beverage for the modern builder (50% drink it), 49% love water and 44% are partial to a cup of coffee.

As for cigarettes, well, they’re out with three-quarters of builders opting not to smoke at all.


‘Builders Live in the Pub’

Swift one after a hard day’s work? Not for most builders, with 63% rushing home to spend time with the family before bedtime. Watching TV is the second most popular habit (60%), followed by playing sports (31%) pushing the pub to fourth place at just 29%. So much for that stereotype, ey?

Builders are even enthusiastic about offering a hand around the home. Hoovering (38%) and washing up (29%) were among the chores which builders report favouring. Proof, once and for all, that absolutely no one likes taking the bins out.

So there you have it. Just like many aspects of modern-day, the building profession is changing and it’s great to see those old builder stereotypes fizzling out!

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