There are few chores in life quite as frustrating as washing. It’s a clumsy, smelly endeavour that requires endless shuttling back and forth, expensive chemicals and plenty of lost socks. It can be pretty expensive too, especially when you’re operating a drying machine to get your clothes back to a wearable state.

But there is another way. No, it won’t help you keep your loose socks together, but it will help keep the cost of your drying down. We speak, of course, about washing lines.

Simple, versatile and endlessly reusable, washing lines help you harness the suns natural energy to dry your clothes endlessly. When it comes to washing lines though, there’s one name which stands out above the rest – Hills.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, by Lance Hill in the mid-1940s, Hills has over 70 years’ experience designing and manufacturing “the world’s finest washing lines”. In fact, they’re so confident of their craftsmanship they offer a 10-year warranty on all defects in their products.

At MAD4TOOLS, we’re proud to offer the full range of Hills washing lines at prices which make them affordable for anyone. In this guide, we’re going to share with you some of their most popular products in this, our Hills washing lines buying guide.


Hills Rotary Folding Washing Lines

Rotary washing lines have always been a popular choice in the UK. They install easily in your lawn and, once situated, offer a rotating, fold-away washing line that can fit multiple loads of washing at the same time.

Hills’ range of rotary washing lines includes the ‘basic’ Everyday 37 and Everyday 47 rotary washing lines which combine the high-quality that Hills are known for, with a slightly reduced specification to lower their overall cost.

Elsewhere, you’ll find the Hills Rotary Folding 6 Washing Line, alongside 7 and 8 line models for increased capacity.


Hills Retractable Washing Lines

If you don’t have a lawn or simply don’t want a permanent structure to be erected on your lawn, a retractable clothesline can make a lot of sense.

When retracted, these washing lines look like little more than a silver box mounted on your wall, however, when you pull the lines out, you gain an instant washing line. Hills offer two retractable washing lines, the

Hills Everyday 4 Retractable Clothes Washing Line and the Hills Everyday 6 Retractable Clothes Washing Line, which differ only in the number of lines they offer.


Hills Wall-Mounted Folding Washing Line

If you lack the space for a rotary or retractable washing line, then Hills Supa Fold range could be just the ticket.

These washing lines attach securely to an interior or exterior wall and, once in place, simply fold out to reveal instant drying space. Their range includes four models, with four different sizes. Whether it’s the Supa Fold Mini with 7m of line space, the Supa Fold Compact with 13m of line space, the Supa Fold Mono with 21m of line or the Supa Fold Duo with an incredible 23m of line space, there’s a wall-mounted folding washing line for you.

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