MT4 MultiPRO

Oscillating Multi Tools can manage almost any task; and luckily over the last few years the multi tool has never been so available. Tool manufacturers have released multi tools in their droves, thanks to the Fein’s longstanding patent for the oscillating multi tool expiring.

So what value do these tools add?

Imagine the scenario: Your bathroom needs a makeover; broken tiles have to be replaced, grout looks dingy and should be changed on others, woodwork needs sanding, sealant on the bath renewed, and that’s just one room.

Imagine also the number of tools you would need to tackle not only these jobs but the hundred and one other ‘things to do’ that crop up around the home. Thanks to the Oscillating Multi Tool, the answer could be just one.

These small power tools have revolutionised the way we approach DIY – gone are the days when we needed to carry round a back breaking number of tools for almost every little job.


Here at Mad4Tools, our multi tool of choice is the CEL MT4 MultiPro Oscillating Multi Tool, which weighs in at only 1.1kg

The MultiPro will cut through most everyday materials easily, it tackles metal, pipes and tiles, wood, concrete and masonry; it’s also convenient and tailor made for removing ceramic tiling grout, vinyl floor tiles and glued down carpet – and is extremely useful for renovating old windows and sealant around sinks/baths.

Multi tools.

The beauty of the size and design of these tools is that you are able to access spaces that would be denied to you had you been using conventional tools. Think about removing an inch from the bottom of a wooden door. Normally you would have to take the door off its hinges, lay it on a worktable then saw off the end. With an oscillating multi tool you can remove however much you want from the bottom of the door without the need for removal.

To give you some idea of the versatility of the CEL MT4 MultiPro Oscillating Multi Tool, here are some of the jobs you can carry out.


  • Electrical outlets
  • Hinges & locks
  • Joints
  • Recesses
  • Sculpting
  • Fixing Door lengths

Flush Cutting

  • Copper pipe
  • PVC pipe
  • Skirting boards
  • Wood dowels
  • Wall plugs
  • Nails


  • New Door Casing
  • A Floor Vent

Sanding or Grinding

  • Furniture, In confined spaces


  • Broken floor tiles
  • Glued down carpets
  • Tile grout
  • Old caulk
  • Vinyl flooring


  • Sealant around showers

The powerful MultiPRO Oscillating Multi Tool in our opinion is a vital addition to any tool collection, one you’ll turn to time and again.

Whether you’re a professional, seasoned do-it-yourselfer, or completely new to hand and power tools, take the time to browse the Mad4Tools online store – we have thousands of tools and accessories in stock for just about every job imaginable.

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