Working in the construction trade means making the impossible into the possible. Every single day you work your fingers to the bone making dreams become reality.

It’s in our nature. Ever since the dawn of humanity, we’ve built, shaped and constructed the world around us, going beyond what previous generations thought possible to make truly amazing things.

Along the way, the tools we use and the clothes we wear have grown more advanced, aiding us in our jobs and helping us get the most out of the effort we put in. And yet, there remains one truly unattainable ideal – durable work trousers.

To be fair, the trousers we wear on site are subject to some truly brutal punishment. Whether it’s loose nails, falling rubble or simply the act of kneeling for multiple hours a day, work trousers have a habit of giving out when we least want them to, leading to less-than-perfect performance and (if you’ve ever had a crotch tear) no shortage of embarrassment.

All of which might be leading you to wonder: ‘do durable work trousers actually exist, or are we just doomed to purchasing new pairs on a regular basis?’

The answer to those questions is no and yes, respectively, because, with Scruff’s ‘Ripstop’ Trade Work Trousers, you can enjoy incredible toughness, thoughtful design and maximum comfort, all in an affordable, everyday pair of work trousers.

Designed by tradespeople, for tradespeople, the Scruffs Trade Work Trousers include a hammer loop and D ring, holster pockets with zip fastening, bottom loading Cordura fabric knee pad pockets, cargo pockets and even a ruler pocket, for truly stunning utility.

But where does that superior toughness come from? Well, it begins with Scruff’s new Ripstop technology. Constructed with an innovative new polyester blend, the Ripstop material is lighter, tougher and stretchier than before.

Taken together, these elements fix some of the biggest issues that each of us have with our work trousers. Namely, their weight, their flexibility and their durability. So effective is Ripstop, in fact, that Scruffs are able to use less material than before in the construction of their work trousers, further reducing weight and increasing freedom.

For the summer months though, working in full trousers can be a sweaty affair (to say the least), with many preferring to transition to work shorts instead. Thankfully, Scruffs have you covered there too with the Scruff’s ‘Ripstop’ Trade Cargo Work Shorts. Taking what makes the trousers so incredibly functional, they expand the range out towards shorts, suitable for use for when the weather gets just that shade too warm.

Together, Scruff’s Ripstop range has something for everyone. Whether you need the extra leg protection and pocket space of the work trousers or the increased airflow and freedom of movement of the work shorts, Scruffs have a Ripstop product for you.

It’s just a small part of our unbeatable workwear collection, which features top products from some of the biggest workwear brands in the world. Check out the full range here.

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