Draper studied 2,000 people and made some shocking discoveries. One in five britons has tried… unsuccessfully to put together flat pack furniture. The worrying statistics continue: Over 25% of people had damaged walls whilst attempting to put a picture up, meanwhile a rather relaxed 44% has attempted a home improvement job with the completely wrong tools. It is not surprising to learn that if something breaks, the tactic is usually to live with it until it becomes unavoidable.


Why is this?

It is thought that previous bad DIY experiences prevent others from trying new things, whilst  50% of those surveyed said they actually disliked carrying out any form of home improvements, because of either lack of knowledge or motivation. Others commented that they would simply do more harm than good.

What is our main DIY Fear?

Apparently, we have 15 of them. They are listed below.

  1. Removing a radiator
  2. Fixing a leaky tap
  3. Replacing cracked tiles
  4. Changing a light fixture
  5. Hanging Wallpaper
  6. Changing a tyre
  7. Painting the exterior of your house
  8. Patching up a hole in a wall
  9. Putting up a shelf
  10. Basic bicycle repairs
  11. Bleeding a radiator
  12. Wiring a plug
  13. Checking tyre pressure & tread depth
  14. Filling in the cracks / chips in a wall
  15. Pruning plants in the garden

It isn’t all bad news though…

The study does say that by the time we get to the age of 29, we are beginning to get the ‘knack’ of DIY.

Paul Swain, Director here at Mad4Tools commented:

The Draper study has certainly made excellent reading and offers a great insight into the state of DIY in the UK. The majority of our custom comes from those aged 25 & above, with under 8% of total website visitors being aged between 18- 24.

We have stocked Draper tools since our inception & love the history behind the product range. They have been producing unbeatable tools since 1919 & we are proud to provide them at the very best prices.

What are your biggest DIY fears? Leave a comment below to let us know.


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