When it comes to the safety of yourself and those on your site, it never pays to compromise. It’s why at MAD4TOOLS we only supply personal protection equipment (PPE) we trust, and why we work tirelessly to bring down the cost of quality PPE so that it doesn’t tear into your bottom line.

It’s also why we’re delighted to announce that the Delta Plus family of products have made their way to our online store, joining dozens of other world-class brands. But who are Delta Plus?

For those not in the know, Delta Plus have developed, standardised, manufactured and distributed a complete range of personal protection equipment that protects workers around the globe from head to toe.

Today, Delta Plus is found in more than 90 countries and boasts 27 distribution subsidiaries. Along the way they’ve sold 3.1 million pairs of shoes, 2.5 million safety helmets, 4 million pairs of glasses, 40 million masks, 500,000 harnesses, 4 million workwear items, over 50 million pairs of gloves and much, much more.

Needless to say, we think you’ll love Delta Plus and their products, but to whet your appetite we’ve decided to share three major product categories from Delta Plus and what to expect.


Head Protection

It’s fair to say that none of us can work effectively without our heads, so ensuring effective protection falls firmly on the side of ‘essential’ – and that’s without considering the legal side of the argument.

Traditional head protection, however, hasn’t evolved much since the earliest days of hard-hats, which is why Delta Plus have taken it upon themselves to offer a redesign in the form of the Delta Plus Diamond V ABS safety helmet.

With an innovative ‘baseball cap’ style design which dramatically improves visibility and multiple securing positions for greater comfort alongside classic safety features like electrical insulation up to 1000V, the Diamond V safety helmet makes for a tremendous on-site option.


Ear Protection

Your hearing is precious, which is why when you’re working on loud sites it’s absolutely vital that you protect your hearing.

Delta Plus’ solution is the Delta Plus Interlagos Safety Ear Defenders. Available in either yellow or grey, the Interlagos feature ear cups filled with breathable, soft synthetic foam and are height adjustable for greater comfort. Rated up to 33dB, they offer superior protection from even the noisiest sites.


Face Protection

Airborne hazards can be amongst the most dangerous elements of any job, so don’t leave your protection up to chance, ensure you’ve got the right safety gear at all times.

Delta Plus handle the issue with their range of reusable and disposable SpiderMask range of respiratory face dust masks. Available in FFP2 and FFP3 models, these innovative face masks offer supreme fit and comfort for all-day usage and a high-performance valve which unscrews to allow fast and simple changes of the mask filter.

It’s just another example of the kind of innovation Delta Plus have brought to the personal protection industry over the last 40 years.

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