Power: we don’t notice when we have it, but we certainly notice it when it’s gone. Whether we’re looking to keep the lights on during a power cut or simply power a caravan over a weekend, from time to time we often need an alternative way to generate power away from the grid.

It’s why at MAD4TOOLS we supply a huge range of generators to keep the power flowing, no matter the conditions or the location. We carry hundreds of models from a dizzying variety of manufacturers, but today we’re turning our gaze towards Hyundai Power Equipment’s range of generators.

Coming in inverter, petrol and diesel varieties, they’re uniquely positioned to deliver power where you need it – whether that’s on site, on holiday or in the basement of your premises. Let’s take a look at the three varieties on offer.

Leisure Inverter Generators

Hyundai’s range of leisure inverter generators (sometimes called suitcase generators) are the ideal solution to your travel power needs, offering an effortless solution for powering your caravan, motorhome or campsite.

We’ve covered the difference between inverter and conventional generators in a previous post, but we’ll go over the basics here again. Effectively, an inverter in a generator allows the motor inside to rev at variable speeds, generating only as much power as is required. This allows them to be more efficient.

Additionally, they also produce a pure sine wave which matches that of the electricity you get from your wall, which makes them better suited to powering the latest generation of sensitive electronic devices like laptops, televisions and smartphones.

Hyundai’s collection of leisure inverter generators ranges from 1kW and goes up to 3.4kW, an impressive number for how small these generators are, and with one-button start-up and remote controls for power output, there’s no reason not to invest in a model like the 2KW Hyundai HY2000Si-115 Portable Petrol Inverter Generator.

Petrol Generators

Petrol powers both Hyundai’s range of inverter generators and their hardy commercial and industrial open frame generators. Models like the Hyundai HY7000LEK-2 Open Frame Petrol Generator offer a stunning 5.5KW of power output from its 4-stroke Hyundai petrol engine and combines it with a frame that’s tough enough for even the most rough-and-tumble sites.

For those with more significant demands but don’t want to lose the portability of Hyundai’s petrol range, models like the Hyundai HY12000LE-3 Three Phase Long Run Electric Start Petrol Generator offers a remarkable 10KW output with a 3-phase system to deliver more economy than a traditional conventional petrol generator. It’s the ultimate mobile power station for big sites, large motors or other heavy loads.

Diesel Generators

Not all generators are designed to hit the road, so for when you need reliable standby power for your home or business, you turn to Hyundai’s range of diesel generators.

Designed to deliver outstanding standby performance, Hyundai’s DHY series of generators are the market leader in standby power, ready and able to hop in the second the grid fails you and power is cut to your building.

Their ultra-high capacity models like the Hyundai DHY120KSE Three Phase Diesel Generator with 120kVA 230v/400v output and a full tank operating time of 8 hours ensure you’ll never be left stranded. However, the range stretches all the way down to the affordable Hyundai DHY11KSE Three Phase Diesel Generator, which provides 11kVA 230v/400v power with all of the bells and whistles of the bigger unit.

In between, you’ll find a plethora of options designed to suit the requirements of any home or business. Take a look at the range today and never be without power again!





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