Summer is with us, and you know what that means: you’re almost out of excuses to avoid cleaning the car. Oh, and you’re going to be entertaining friends and family outside quite a bit more.

That means it’s time to tackle your turf, hold-back your hedges and freshen up your furniture, but all that work will be for nothing if you don’t tackle the most important job of all – cleaning your patio.

Not too long ago, cleaning your patio was a pretty laborious job, one that required a stiff brush, plenty of soapy water and no end of elbow grease to get to a presentable standard. Today, however, not only is cleaning your patio easy, it’s actually fun. How? By using a pressure washer.

Pressure washers have long been used in industrial applications, but the last decade has seen their price fall dramatically to the point where most of us can afford a model for our own home. Delightfully versatile, they can be used to blast patios clean, remove grime from uPVC windows or even clean your car effortlessly.

But how can you use a pressure washer to bring your patios back to life? Here are our top tips:

Getting started:

  • Make sure that your garden hose is securely attached to the exterior tap and that the hose is securely attached to your pressure washer.
  • Choose an appropriate fitting for your pressure washer. Most pressure washers come with a lance which shoots pressurised water, which is suitable for all hard patios, but you can fit alternate heads, like the Silverline Rotary Pressure Washer Brush, which is ideal for areas which are prone to scratching or damage.
  • When you turn on your tap, allow the water to reach the pressure washer before you switch your machine on.

Cleaning your patio:

  • Start at a corner close to your home and move outwards away from your property, keeping your water blasting in the same direction. This will avoid blasting dirt onto your recently cleaned patio or onto the façade of your home.
  • Place the head of your pressure washer nozzle around 4-5 inches above the ground and move in smooth, even movements in order to remove grime in an even manner.
  • Once you’ve completed your patio, turn down the pressure and wash off any remaining surface level dirt.
  • Wait until dry and inspect your patio, you may well have missed certain spots. If so, return to them and repeat the process.

What remains should be a patio which is significantly cleaner than it was before, and much closer to its original state! Pressure washers work by, you guessed it, pressurising your water to a very high level, before being released in a concentrated jet. Extremely powerful, this jet easily blasts away dirt and grime.

At MAD4TOOLS, we stock a wide variety of pressure washers and accessories for both the home and trade usage, with models which produce up to an astonishing 3600psi, like the Hyundai HYW3600DE3 Diesel Triplex Pressure Washer. 

Whatever you need to use your pressure washer for though, we’re here to help. Check out our blog for more tips, or get in touch to find out how we can help you get the job done.


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