Messy Tools.

A tradesman makes his living using tools and knows the importance of looking after them properly, so they remain safe, in good condition and most importantly to hand. Storing your tools correctly avoids the necessity of a search & rescue mission, every time you have a job to do.

Apart from the frustration this causes, leaving tools lying around haphazardly and stored incorrectly can cause unnecessary risk, especially to children. In addition, it is highly likely that your tools cost you money, so it makes sense to look after them. Stored correctly, your tools will serve you well for years.

So, what’s the answer?


The traditional toolbox is still a firm favourite but they have come a long way from the enamelled tin box with a single lift-out tray of the past. Today, tool storage is a market in itself, with products ranging from boxes to bags to racking and shelving.


Faithful Tool Box

Security box

Hand and power tools left in vehicles overnight are a prime target for thieves – ideally, they should be removed from vehicles when left unattended. However, when this is not practical a well-made security box could be the answer. Whether your tools are being stored on site or a vehicle, security boxes ensure they are secure and locked away out of sight.

Take for example, the Armorgard OxBox. This heavy-duty steel van storage vault is ideal for securing tools in your van. The ultra-robust 5 Lever deadlocks and heavy duty keys provide extra security to ensure piece of mind.

Armorgard Storage box Solutions

Tool bags

For lightness, mobility and when only a few specific tools are required some prefer a tool bag to carrying a moulded toolbox around. Tool bags are the lightweight alternative and often feature loads of handy internal and external pockets that will accommodate the smaller items that annoyingly find themselves buried underneath the bigger stuff: everything visible and ready to hand.

A popular choice is the OX Pro Heavy Duty Tool Bag.

Ox Tool Bag tool solution

Ideally, you should consider using both a toolbox and a tool bag. Use a standard heavy-duty toolbox to store the bigger, more expensive tools and a tool bag for the smaller bits and pieces, such as drill bits, nails, screwdrivers, and tape measures, for quick and easy retrieval. Many high-end tools are now supplied in tough carry cases, good enough for day-to-day use.

For the handyman at home there are other simple ideas that will help organise your hand tools and power tools, so they are visible and close to hand.

  • Shelving – whether garage or garden shed, shelves and racking is a convenient way of storing tools and out of reach.
  • Polystyrene wall mounted strips are ideal for storing power tools like a drill, router bits and other small power-cutting tools. Best of all, it costs next to nothing to make.
  • Peg boards are easy to make and are probably the most basic and of useful tool organisers.

Now that you know how to store your tools, you’ll have no problem with taking care of those tools.

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