Living in a small apartment or house can sometimes make it challenging for us to try and fit all of our belongings into one place.

It’s actually a national phenomenon – living in a small space that is. A recent study found that over a third of Britons find their homes too small for their needs.

Here at Mad4Tools we’re firm believers that no matter what size your home is, with some DIY spirit, good old elbow grease and some great quality tools, you can create a living space that you’ll be proud to call your own. From what colours to make use of down to the types of furniture that’ll help your room look bigger, our small space design ideas and tips will help to maximise space in any small property:

Infographic on tips and tricks for maximising a small space

To summarise:

  1. Choose furniture with reflective surfaces such as glass, mirrors and metal
  2. Use areas above cabinets and doors for shelves
  3. Paint your ceilings a lighter colour than your walls and use cool or nude colours to expand your room
  4. Use sliding doors instead of swinging doors
  5. Find yourself some double-duty furniture

By incorporating a combination of these tips, you’ll begin to adjust to a tighter living space in no time!

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