At MAD4TOOLS, everything you need to know about us is right there in our name. We’re ‘MAD’ for tools, and that means we bring you the best, most affordable and safest tools for whatever job you’re tasked with.

It’s our passion, and to realise our vision, we partner with the most innovative tool companies around. Tool manufacturers like Weber MT – the newest member of the MAD4TOOLS family.

Weber MT are a German brand at the very cutting edge of professional hand-guided compacting equipment, producing specialist machines out of their headquarters in Bad Laasphe-Rückershausen, Germany.

Employing almost 240 employees and with a history that stretches back over sixty years, Weber MT have been at the forefront of hand-guided compactor technology for longer than many of us have been alive and today their products are amongst the most lauded in the industry.

With an extensive range of hand-guided equipment that includes forward-moving vibratory plates, reversible soil compactors, vibratory tamper, hand-guided rollers and internal vibrators for concrete compaction, they’re truly the last word in their sector. Here’s why you shouldn’t look anywhere else:

Precise German Engineering

Germany has developed a hard-earned reputation over the centuries, one that’s built on absolute precision and quality. To buy German is, often, to buy the best and Weber are a classic German brand in that sense.

Every single machine they produce is subjected to punishing quality control standards so that no matter which model you purchase, you enjoy the same unparalleled standards, whether it’s in its first or five-hundredth hour of operation.

Combined with their legendary customer support and detail-oriented design, Weber MT have earned a fine reputation for superb hand-guided compactor production.

Low Hand-Arm Vibration Output

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a serious health and safety concern which, in the early stages manifests itself as tingling and numbness in the fingers, before significantly damaging nerves, muscle and brain tissue if left untreated.

Its primary cause is prolonged exposure to high-vibration equipment, creating a serious need for specialist equipment on site which not only delivers effective performance but also shields staff from the serious risk of HAVS.

All Weber MT products are built with a low hand arm vibration output compared to other leading manufacturers, so that your staff can work comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time. It’s a huge benefit of Weber MT products, and should be high on any list of considerations when purchasing high-vibration equipment.

To learn more about Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, click here.

Stunning Value at MAD4TOOLS

Bringing you the best equipment is only half of our goal, because we’re all about value. That’s why we offer our whole range of Weber MT products with our comprehensive 30-day money back guarantee, so you can discover for yourself why Weber MT is perfect for your needs.



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