When the weather starts heating up, we’re all guilty of doing some pretty crazy things to keep cool. Whether it’s breaking out the industrial cooling fan for a brief respite from the heat or giving up those piping hot cups of tea and coffee, we’re all guilty of going a little barmy in the balmy weather.

But short of trying to get the ice bucket challenge back off the ground, what can you do to keep cool? The answer, you change the clothes that you wear.

Now, if you’re still wearing a heavy winter coat in summer, you need more help than a simple article can offer you. What you are likely still wearing, however, are your work trousers.

Humble, hardwearing and loaded with features which make our jobs that much easier, they’re an essential part of your workwear throughout most of the year.

The reason why so many of us choose to continue wearing them through the hottest days of the year is simple, shorts don’t offer the versatility, protection and storage that trousers do. Right?

Well, actually, that’s not the case. At least, not with our stunning range of work shorts. Here are three huge reasons why you should invest in work shorts this summer:


Full functionality

If you’re holding off on making the switch to shorts this summer because you’re afraid of losing the functionality that your work trousers offer you, then don’t fret, because we’ve got the products for you.

Scruffs Trade Work Trousers with Multiple Pockets bring not only style and comfort in the heat but feature many of the same pockets which prove essential in your work trousers. With a holster pocket, rule pocket, mobile phone pocket and cargo pocket built in, you can keep your productivity up, no matter how hot the weather gets.

You don’t even need to worry about issues like tearing either, thanks to Scruff’s Ripstop Shorts with Ripstop technology which keeps your shorts (and legs) from damage.


Superior comfort

There’s a reason why, when the heat gets too much, so many of us whip our tops off, and it’s not because of our stunning physiques. It’s because when skin meets the breeze, we cool down rapidly.

That’s why shorts make such a smart investment in summer. They increase the circulation of air across the bottom half of our body, helping to lower overall body temperature and, in turn, help us deal with the heat. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that though, just as we don’t need to explain why shorts are so comfortable.


Greater movement

Work trousers might offer great protection, but that often comes at the cost of mobility and movement. Work shorts, like Scruffs Worker Lite Shorts, keep the multi-pocket design which makes them ideal for work but feature extra-light fabric which makes them ultra-comfortable to wear and offer a greater range of movement than traditional work trousers.

It’s just another way that shorts improve site or DIY work during the hot summer months.

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