Anyone who’s ever worked on scaffolding will tell you that a good scaffold tower is the first step to a safe and efficiently completed job. It gives you the confidence to tackle your work how you see fit, whether you’re a hobbyist completing a DIY job around the home or a trade professional working on a job for your client.

It’s why at MAD4TOOLS we’ve always put immense value in the quality of the products we sell, and when it comes to quality scaffolding, there’s one brand that springs to mind immediately – Loyal Scaffold Towers.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Loyal Towers are ISO9001 and PASMA accredited – one of the very few brands to achieve the British Standard Kitemark (BS EN 1004 Class 3 Standard) for mobile scaffold towers.

All across the UK, Loyal scaffold towers are in use, bringing safety and stability to the masses.

Now, in an effort to simplify their product range, Loyal have split their range into five distinct categories: Super eDIY, Super sDIY, eTrade King, Trade King and Loyal Industrial Tower. In this guide, we’re going to break down the differences between each model in the range. Let’s get going.

eDIY and sDIY

As the name implies, both the eDIY and sDIY range are designed for DIY usage and are not recommended for professional use and both are tested to EN1004 class 3 standards, but what separates them?


  • Light duty DIY tower
  • Optional base plates and fixed wheels
  • Working heights of 3.8 and 4.7m
  • 25mm alloy aluminium tube braces
  • Brace mechanism uses bolts and colour coded wing nuts for positive locking
  • Total product weight of 26.5kg


  • Heavy duty DIY tower
  • Optional base plates and height adjustable wheels
  • Working heights of 4, 5, 6 and 7m
  • 25cm x 40cm rectangular section braces
  • Brace mechanism uses heavy-duty Quick Clamp locking system, tested to EN10004 class 3
  • Total product weight of 33.2kg

Clearly then, sDIY towers are designed to tackle a wider variety of jobs than their eDIY cousins, with the range including the Loyal SUPER DIY Adv Access Tower with adjustable feet and outriggers, the Loyal SUPER DIY Scaffold Tower with flexible 4m to 7m working height and the Loyal SUPER DIY Adv+ Scaffold Tower with four wheels and outriggers included!

eTrade King and Trade King

The eTrade King and Trade King models from Loyal are designed to help professionals achieve superb results, time after time.

eTrade King models improve upon the functionality of sDIY but are designed primarily for value, standing as one of the cheapest professional scaffold options for the trade. Trade King towers, however, are designed to stand up with the very best quality trade towers on the market. But what separates the two?

eTrade King:

  • Light duty professional tower
  • Certified to BS EN10004, braces and platform tested to EN1004 class 3
  • Base unit comprised of individual components
  • Fully usable on stairs
  • Maximum 5m platform height
  • 40mm horizontal and vertical frames
  • 125mm in diameter castor wheels with fine height adjustment
  • Total product weight of 68kg for 3.1m platform height

Trade King:

  • Heavy duty professional tower
  • Tested and certified by TUV with GS Mark
  • Foldable base for easy movement indoors
  • Limited use on stairs
  • Maximum 7.65m platform height
  • 50mm horizontal and vertical frames
  • 125mm in diameter castor wheels with fine height adjustment
  • Total product weight of 100kg for 3.65m platform height

Our Loyal eTtrade King One Scaffold Tower starts from less than £350 and can be had in sizes up to 7.1m and are fully upgradable with our unbeatable range of accessories. It’s the easy to transport, sturdy, capable and adaptable scaffold tower of your dreams.

Loyal Industrial Tower

The Loyal Industrial Tower range is the most advanced BSEN1004 certified tower on the market, designed and tested in accordance with BSEN1004 Class 3 Standard by BSI with Kitemark.

Designed to tackle any job thrown at it, this professional-tier tower is offered in single (0.85m) or double (1.45m) width, 1.8m or 2.5m lengths and offers up to 23 different working heights ranging from 3.2m (10’6″) to 14.2m (46’7″). That’s a total of 92 different configurations, ensuring that there’s an Industrial tower to suit you.

With a powerful 5.1cm diameter horizontal and vertical welded frames with easy grip and a safer ‘ribbed’ profile, they’re the secure platform you need to get your work done. Best of all though? There are no tools required for assembling or dismantling the towers thanks to 3T and Quick Locking Brace support.

Take a look at our full range of Loyal Tower Industrial Scaffold products here.




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