At MAD4TOOLS we love our Loyal Towers and, naturally, so do the customers who buy them for us. With their historic record for quality and our emphasis on affordability, we’ve built a partnership that tradesmen and hobbyists alike can get behind.

Our wide variety of Loyal Tower products, from DIY, Super DIY and King towers to a world of accessories and additional fixings for them means that there’s something for everybody – but that doesn’t mean that customers won’t have questions.

Like any product, issues are bound to crop up and questions are certain to be asked. That’s why we’ve put together this short FAQ for DIY, Super DIY and King towers from Loyal Towers. Let’s get started.

Loyal Towers DIY/Super DIY FAQs

  • What’s the difference between DIY and Super DIY towers? Super DIY towers are designed for frequent usage and feature a variety of features designed to make them safer and, therefore, more suitable for larger jobs.
  • Can I use my tower indoors? Absolutely, but as always, it’s imperative to ensure that you have the space and a floor stable enough to take the tower.
  • How wide are the towers? The outer dimension of the DIY tower is 650mm wide.
  • How wide are the base rails? The base rails (or horizontal stabiliser bars) are 4-foot-long each, but the towers can be used without them, although this isn’t recommended unless you tie the tower to something.
  • Are outriggers required on a 5m tower? Not necessarily, but having two or four outriggers will make the tower more secure and can give extra adjustments if you’re working on uneven ground, like that of a garden.
  • Can I build a tower higher than 7m? The DIY and Super DIY models from Loyal are designed for safe working at non-industrial levels, and therefore 7m is the maximum height for Super DIY models.
  • Will a DIY tower fit in a car? The standard 5m Super DIY or DIY tower will fit in an estate car with the back seats folded down. However, 6m towers onwards will likely require a van or tow.
  • How long does a tower take to erect? This will vary by your skill level, but for those with experience and a helping hand can put together a 5m Super DIY together in little over 5 minutes.
  • How many people can work on the top platform at once? Only one person is able to work on the top platform at any given time, for safety reasons.
  • Can I extend my 4/5m tower later? Absolutely, you can buy the extension pack for your DIY or Super DIY tower at any time. This extension pack contains almost as much material as a tower and includes an extra platform and 4 telescopic outriggers. Do not attempt to extend your tower with non-Loyal parts.

Loyal Towers Trade King FAQs

  • Why doesn’t the Trade King 720 – 2.90m lack a Toeboard? Because the platform height is below 0.9m, it does not require a Toeboard.
  • What does Trade King 730 mean? The 730 in the name refers to the width of the model in millimetres, measures from centre-to-centre of the uprights.
  • Can the Trade King Tower be used on stairs and staircases? No, and it should not be attempted.
  • What’s the maximum working height of the Trade King 730 tower?95m is the maximum working height.


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