If the endless Christmas anthems, neon-lit streets and overabundance of mince pies didn’t give the game away, then it’s time you knew – Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to dust off your gift buying spirit once more.

At MAD4TOOLS, we might not be overly familiar with perfume or jewellery, but we do know a thing or two about tools. We know that whether you’re buying for a budding DIY enthusiast or an established professional, the right tools can be utterly transformative.

It’s exactly the kind of thoughtful, practical gift which makes the Christmas period shine, but what should you be buying for that important person in your life? Here’s some of our favourite gift ideas.

Hobby Equipment

Supporting a hobby is a terrific thing to do at Christmas, especially when it comes to practical hobbies, like electronics or design. At MAD4TOOLS, we carry every piece of equipment you need to help advance their hobby and keep them busy for the year to come.

Take, for example, our Silverline Electric Soldering Gun and Iron Kit. It’s 9 pieces of essential, high quality soldering equipment, with a 100W gun, 30W iron and even a stand with clamps and a magnifying glass. It’s everything a hobbyist electrician needs to get tinkering, and at less than £20, it’s a big gift with a little price tag.

It’s just one part of our huge range of craft tools, so take a look at our super collection and see how you can bring a little professionalism to their hobby.


Regardless of whether you’re buying for a weekend gardener or a site worker, high-quality, professional workwear is utterly essential to staying warm, dry and safe.

At MAD4TOOLS, we know how important workwear is, which is why we’re proud to supply a huge range of workwear and safety gear. A hi-vis jacket wouldn’t make much of a Christmas gift though, which is why we’ve loaded up on ultra-stylish and protective coats and jackets, alongside shoes that are stylish enough for the dancefloor whilst still protective enough for the tough realities of the site.

Tool Sets

Our homes are our castles, but that doesn’t mean they’re built like them. Little jobs around the house always need doing, and though we might grumble, it’s often our secret pleasure to pull out the tool sets and get to work bringing them back to showroom standard.

Of course, it’s no fun if your tools aren’t up to the job though, so why not invest in a gift that’ll give for years to come – tool sets.

Whether it’s a screwdriver set like the OX Pro Screwdriver Set with Heavy Duty Case or a comprehensive socket set like the Draper 30 Piece Standard Socket Set, there’s something to suit everyone.

You’ll even find that our Real Deals for You promotion includes superb deals on items like the limited edition Irwin Marples 8-piece Splint Proof Wood Chisel set, so you’re certain to find a present which lights up their eyes this year.


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