Preventing theft of trade kits and vans is crucial for businesses that rely on them to operate effectively. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, or any other tradesperson, losing your tools and vehicle to theft can be devastating. We’ve found several effective methods that you can use to prevent theft of your trade kit and vans. Keep reading to know how to secure your kit and van.


  1. Park in secure locations

One of the simplest ways to prevent theft of your trade van is to park it in a secure location. Look for parking spots that are well-lit, have surveillance cameras, and are located in areas with high foot traffic. Consider using a parking garage or lot that has a security attendant on duty. When possible, park your van in a gated and locked compound.



  1. Install a GPS tracking system

A GPS tracking system can be an excellent investment for tradespeople who rely on their vehicles. This technology allows you to track your van’s location in real-time, which can help you recover it quickly if it is stolen. Some GPS systems can also provide you with alerts if your van is moved outside of a designated area. Please note, if your vehicle has been stolen, you must report it to the police rather than chasing it yourself, as this would put you in a dangerous situation.



  1. Invest in vehicle security devices

There are several security devices that you can install on your van to prevent theft. These include alarm systems, immobilisers, and steering wheel locks. These devices can deter potential thieves and make it more difficult for them to steal your van. You’ll want to use a combination of methods to firstly deter them from breaking in (such as an alarm system installed on the outside of the vehicle that is set off when trying to break in), and then to make it harder to steal if they manage to break in (such as safety boxes and wheel bars). This will increase the likelihood of them running away empty-handed.

Investing in high-quality locks for your van doors can also be an effective way to prevent theft. Make sure that all doors are locked securely before leaving your vehicle unattended. Consider using locks with multiple locking points, such as deadbolts or padlocks.


  1. Secure your trade kit

Leaving your trade kit in plain sight can make your van an easy target for theft. Instead, store your tools and equipment in a secure location within your van. Consider using lockable storage containers or cages to keep your trade kit out of sight. These are definitely worth the investment to keep your tools secure – although we recommend you also install at least an alarm system to avoid thieves from stealing the whole van.

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  1. Educate your employees

If you have employees who use your trade vans, make sure that they are aware of the importance of securing the vehicle and trade kit. Provide them with training on how to use security devices and emphasize the importance of locking doors and keeping valuable items out of sight.


  1. Insure your trade kit and van

Even with the best preventative measures, theft can still occur. It’s important to make sure that your trade kit and van are insured in case of theft or damage. Check with your insurance provider to make sure that your policy covers theft and that you have adequate coverage for your tools and equipment.


In conclusion, preventing theft of your trade kit and van is crucial for the success of your business. By following these strategies, you can reduce the risk of theft and protect your valuable assets. Remember, prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of a theft, so take the necessary steps to secure your trade kit and van today. We know how devastating it can be to be a victim of theft, and we want to do our part in reducing van and trade kit theft – this is why we like to provide helpful advice and high-end security products.


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