Everyone loves spending time out in the garden, and with Britain’s forecasters promising one of the most beautiful summers in recent memory, our lawns are about to take a real battering.

Whether it’s sitting out on the deck chairs, soaking up the rays with a drink in your hand, getting the paddling pool out for the kids or simply entertaining friends and family, our lawns are put through an awful lot of stress when the sun is shining – and that’s without considering the effect that searing, bright sunshine has on the health of grass itself.

All of which can see the state of your lawn decline rapidly over summer, leaving you with dry, patchy and dying grass that takes months to get back to its best. So, how can you keep your lawn healthy in the summer heat? Here are our top tips:

Water your Lawn

In the UK, we grow so used to rain doing our watering for us that we often forget just how important it is to keep our lawns watered during the summer months.

As the sun bakes your lawn, it needs good, moist soil to stay healthy. Here’s our tips for watering your lawn in summer:

  • Try to avoid watering during the middle of the day, as this will evaporate before it has a chance to really settle in and could do damage to your lawn. Instead, water either early in the morning or in the evening as the sun is setting to give the ground the chance to absorb the water.
  • Don’t water a little each day, soak your grass once or twice a week for the best results.

Feed your Lawn

Grass is a plant just like any other, and as such, it can benefit from being fed. There are countless grass feed products available and by introducing feed with your watering regime, you can dramatically increase the health of your grass, resulting in lush, verdant grass throughout the entirety of summer. Many grass feeds also have the added benefit of killing common lawn weeds, too!

However, it’s not recommended that you apply fertiliser during periods of drought, as this can scorch the lawn.

Cut your Grass

Mowing the lawn might be an obvious point, but you might not be aware of just how crucial keeping your grass at an appropriate length can be.

The rules for summer are also somewhat different. Of course, you’ll need an ultra-sharp lawnmower like those in our Hyundai range, but what are the rules for cutting your lawn in the heat?

  • Cut your lawn around once a week.
  • Cut your lawn to around 1” using the built-in height-adjustment on your lawn mower.
  • If the weather is very hot, consider leaving the grass slightly longer, as this will help the soil from drying out and encourage deeper roots to grow.
  • Once cut, make sure that you clear any trimmings or dead leaves that might be laying on the grass, as this too can prevent sunshine from reaching the soil.

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