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It is essential that you consider the risks which could arise whilst working outdoors due to the different weather conditions in the UK. The different environments can have serious effects on your health, whether them kicking in straight away or developing over a longer period of time. Extra risk assessments need to be carried out during periods of extreme weather conditions to identify all possible hazards.

See below for how Mad4Tools advise you to protect yourself in different outdoor working environments:

Working In Cold Environments

  • Personal Protective Equipment is essential when working in cold environments to protect all parts of the body. It is on the employers behalf to identify what types of equipment are needed in order to protect their employees. The most important thing to remember is that 40% of heat is lost through the head.
  • Facilities should be provided to allow the worker to warm up and hot fluids should be consumed.
  • The job in hand needs to be thoroughly assessed to see if it could be delayed to a warmer time of the year.
Construction Site In Cold Weather Conditions

Working In Hot Environments

  • If it is essential to wear personal protective equipment, ensure that you remove it during breaks to allow your body to cool down.
  • Shaded areas should be introduced to both working and rest areas.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of cold fluids. Drinking water access should be provided by the employer.
  • Take frequent and short breaks.

Working In The Sun

The biggest effect which working in the sun has is on the skin as it can cause damage such as sunburn, ageing and blistering. However, it can cause more serious damage too, such as the risk being increased of developing skin cancer. The part of the sunlight which causes the damage is the ultraviolet (UV) rays. In order to protect yourself to a certain degree against UV rays always wear sunscreen.

Working Outdoors Sunlight


The British weather means that it is order to plan ahead for each season whilst working outside so that all works can be protected. Mad4Tools are a leading retailer who provide quality products to help assist workers when working outdoors. 

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