The clothes we wear on site don’t have it easy. Through rapidly fluctuating weather conditions, snagging nails, dust, dirt and debris, we expect them to keep us warm, comfortable and above all, safe – and that’s without discussing the sharp, often-dangerous tools we put in our pockets.

Needless to say, the stresses we put on our workwear are significant, but that provides little consolation if they fail in usage. It’s why we proudly stock the full range of Scruffs workwear, and why we’re delighted to announce that their premier Ripstop technology has made its way to new products in the Scruffs family, the Ripstop Trade Work Trousers and Ripstop Trade Cargo Shorts.

Designed to cope with anything you throw at them, Scruff’s new Ripstop trousers and shorts are the result of years of development testing out in the field. As such, they’re the ultimate in high-performance workwear, but what exactly is Ripstop?

What is Ripstop?

Ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.  Scruffs Ripstop technology uses a durable polyester fabric that’s designed to solve multiple common problems in workwear.

Chiefly, Ripstop’s innovative material allows Scruffs to use less material in the construction of their products. Why is this important? Well, it allows for a greater freedom of movement, reducing the chance of accidents and enabling more comfortable working.

Whilst that’s impressive on its own, it’s the durability that pushes Ripstop into the ‘essential’ category. Ultra-tough, it allows you to enjoy the full range of movement without fear of ripping or tearing your workwear. Put simply, it’s lighter in weight, but not lightweight.

During the summer months, that combination of freedom and lightweight fabric means cooler, more comfortable working without sacrificing on utility.

Introducing the Ripstop Trade Work Trousers and Ripstop Trade Cargo Shorts

Now available at MAD4TOOLS, the Ripstop Trade Work Trousers and Ripstop Trade Cargo Shorts are the ultimate in high-performance, lightweight work bottoms.

Available in waist sizes 28-40” and 30-24” leg sizes (trousers only), the Ripstop Trousers and Shorts feature durable Ripstop construction, a hammer loop and D-ring, holster pockets with secure zip fastening, a cargo pocket and ruler pocket.

The trousers, meanwhile, include bottom loading Cordura fabric knee pad pockets, making them an effective option for anyone, regardless of whether you’re standing or kneeling.

Discover the full range of Scruffs workwear.

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