These spring gardening tips will get your garden Summer ready.

Winter might be taking its time to leave, but with its bags packed and Spring threatening to breakthrough in earnest, it’s time to get back to work in our gardens.

Although largely neglected over the Winter months for obvious reasons, Spring is the time when our garden care begins anew with special attention paid not only to the maintenance of all-year staples like our lawn and hedges, but also bulbs, seeds and design plans for the seasons to come.

That’s why we’ve asked the keen gardeners in our team to round-up the best Spring gardening tips to help get your outdoor haven ready for the warmer months. Let’s get started.

Spring clean those flower beds and borders

Spring Clean Flower beds in your gardenOver winter you’ll find dead leaves, branches and debris build up in your garden. It’s best to remove these from the soil surface where you are planning to plant your annual plants or veggies. Remember to wear gardening gloves, especially when working with plants with prickly leaves, to keep your hands protected from cuts and grazes.

Top Tip: Be sure to have a wheelbarrow to hand to make clearing debris or anything else an effortless task.

Tidy up lawns and hedges

Lawn mower cutting the grass

Grass grows very slowly over Winter, but it does grow, and by the time Spring rolls around, you’re going to have to begin your lawn care routine once again. A high-quality lawnmower will let you adjust grass cutting length and keep your garden looking amazing. Begin with the blades lower for a shorter cut to make sure the grass grows out healthy.

At the start of Spring, you should also cut your hedges back significantly, ensuring that they’re tapered inwards towards the top. This will enable greater light penetration for the whole bush. Whilst you could call in the professionals, hedge trimmers offer total mobility and freedom for a great finish, plus you’ll save money in the long run!

Prune trees and shrubs

Pruning treas and shrubs in Spring

Overhanging branches or foliage on trees will need to be cut back but this can be a big job. Tools such as the Silverline Chain Blade Wood Saw are worth investing in to make this task fast and fuss-free.

Plants that have survived the winter will need to be trimmed too. This will help them bloom again in the summer months.

Top Tip: Only prune shrubs before their buds have had time to bloom, otherwise you will stress the shrub or tree and may end up with a tiny crop (or none at all). 

Invest in summer-flowering bulbs and seeds

Planting Summer plant bulbs in Spring

Now is the perfect time to order flowers like lilies, gladioli and ranunculi for early-spring planting. These will give you a perfect show in the summer. Make sure you have the right tools ahead of time like a classic Dibber. Dibbers such as the Silverline Traditional Garden Dibber make creating holes for planting seeds and bulbs an effortless task and it’s affordable!

Whilst you wait for your summer flowers to blossom, you could add plants such as tulips to enjoy a nice burst of colour in your spring garden. A good garden trowel has dozens of uses, not least in planting bedding plants and moving soil so make sure you have one ready.

Why not plant some veggies too? Cool-season vegetables like lettuce and peas, sprout best in cool soil, so now is the time to plant them. However, be sure to protect these from pests like slugs with the help of Slug Traps.

Clean and maintain your garden equipment

Clean and maintain your garden equipment ready for Spring gardening

All that Spring gardening work requires the right tools, but you need to maintain them if you want them to last and save you money.

Hand tools including spades, hoes, trowel and rakes will benefit greatly from a good clean and oiling. For more on maintaining your gardening tools, check out our Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Equipment.

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