Winter might be taking its time to leave, but with its bags packed and Spring threatening to break through in earnest, it’s time to get back to work in our gardens.

Although largely neglected over the winter months for obvious reasons, Spring is the time when our garden care begins anew with special attention paid not only to maintenance of all-year staples like our lawn and hedges, but also bulbs, seeds and design plans for the seasons to come.

All of that work requires the right tools but knowing exactly what you need ahead of time can be a struggle. It’s why we’ve asked the keen gardeners on our team to round-up the 8 must-have hand and power tools required for spring gardening. Let’s get started.


  • Spade/shovel – A huge variety of jobs around the garden require the use of a spade/shovel, and a quality unit will give you total control over your digging. Our range covers everything from trenching shovels to digging spades, so there’s something for every gardener.


  • Dibber – Slightly more obscure but no less vital, a dibber makes creating holes for planting seeds and bulbs as easy as pressing into the ground. Our Silverline Traditional Garden Dibber is an affordable and powerful tool.


  • Wheelbarrow – Over winter you’ll find dead leaves, branches and debris build up in your garden making a wheelbarrow an essential purchase. Whether you’re moving turf, clearing debris or anything else, a wheelbarrow is essential.


  • Lawnmower – Grass grows very slowly over winter but it does grow, and by the time spring rolls around, you’re going to have to begin your lawn care routine once again. A high-quality lawnmower will let you adjust grass cutting length and keep your garden looking amazing.


  • Garden trowel – A perennial gardening essential, a good garden trowel has dozens of uses, not least in planting bedding plants and moving soil. This Spear & Jackson model features an ultra-tough carbon construction for superior durability.


  • Edging knife & shears – The edges of your lawn might not get much attention, but ignoring them can lead to a sloppy, amateur finish. It’s why we always recommend investing in a set of edging shears and an edging knife. Together, they’ll ensure a perfectly straight and neat edge to your lawn – just like the pros.


  • Hedge trimmer – At the start of spring you should cut your hedges back significantly, ensuring that they’re tapered inwards towards the top. This will enable greater light penetration for the whole bush. Whilst you could call in the professionals, hedge trimmers like the Hyundai HYHT36Li battery powered hedge trimmer offer total mobility and freedom for a great finish.


  • Secateurs – A faithful pair of secateurs is a gardener’s best friend, allowing for effortless trimming of bushes, plants, herbs and trees, but the stress they’re put through means many lesser models can fail after a few years of usage. At MAD4TOOLS we carry a huge range of secateurs from some of the top manufacturers in the world for superior control and durability.

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