Working on site in summer brings with it all sorts of complications. From the effects of high humidity on metal objects to the effects of high temperatures on our own ability to work, there are dozens of little ways that working in summer is harder.

Keeping cool is important but keeping safe is most important of all. No matter what the conditions throw at you, it’s essential that you (and everyone on site) is equipped with the PPE that will keep them safe.

Much of that equipment stays the same, no matter the season, but some should be replaced during the sunnier months in order to improve performance (and safety)

One such piece of PPE is protective goggles and glasses. Essential for protecting eyesight when working on site, in summer your standard PPE spectacles simply aren’t up to the job of dealing with the sunshine. It’s why you need safety spectacles with UV protection built in, and thankfully, you’ll find countless models right here at MAD4TOOLS. Join us as we share with you everything you need to know.


Why do you need UV protection for your eyes?

UV (ultraviolet) light has been linked to all sorts of issues with our bodies, from sunburn to skin cancer, but it’s not just our skin which suffers from high UV levels, because our eyes do too.

Extended exposure to the suns UV rays has been linked to numerous types of eye damage, including cataracts, pingueculae, macular degeneration, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss. Indeed, long-term exposure has been linked to severe macular degradation – something that we’re all keen to avoid

UV rays are why we wear sunglasses when we’re out and about, but when we switch to our safety spectacles, we often skip out on this vital functionality. It’s why making sure that you have UV-protected safety spectacles is so important, and why we’re so proud to stock our range.


Our UV-protected safety spectacles

At MAD4TOOLS we’ve always striven to bring vital PPE to our customers, no matter the industry they work in. It’s why we have a huge range of eye protection in stock with built-in UV protection.

Whether you require lab-style safety goggles with built-in UV protection like the Delta Plus GALERAS Goggles in clear or smoke or stylish, sunglasses-style safety glasses like the Delta Plus ASO Safety Specs, our range offers a little something for everyone.

It’s not just the Delta Plus line which features built-in UV protection though, because Scruffs have also joined in the sun with a great range of safety spectacles which offer complete protection. Their range covers three styles – Eagle, Hawk and Falcon, but each boasts the same high level of protection.

With an anti-fog coating alongside 100% UV protection, they make for a smart choice, whether you’re buying for yourself or kitting out the staff on site.

All our UV-protected safety spectacles come with a no quibbles 30-day money back guarantee and enjoy superb discounts every single day. So, why wait? Invest today and protect your eyesight for decades to come.

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