It might not be breaking news to you, but there’s no doubting that around this time of year the weather takes a serious turn for the worse. Ice cold wind, driving rain, sleet and snow can put a serious dent in your mood, not to mention your ability to work on site.

Yes, for those of us trapped outside during the winter months, inclement weather is more than a pain, it’s a serious issue, one that can hamper our everyday safety.

Aside from throwing on a waterproof and wrapping your mitts around a hot cup of tea though, what can be done to keep the elements from ruining our days?

The answer, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is thermal underwear.

Perhaps not the most glamorous of garments (maybe don’t take to wearing them alone), thermal underwear provides essential protection during cold, windy weather. Here are some of the major benefits of thermal underwear:

Skin Tight Construction

When you’re working on site, any limitations to your mobility can prove immensely difficult to deal with, especially when you’re working in tight confines. It’s a major reason why we don’t tend to load up on layers during the winter.

With thermal underwear like Scruffs Active Thermal Pro Baselayer Top, that’s never an issue. Designed to cling to your body as a second skin, thermal underwear doesn’t limit movement or cause friction. Combine that with ultra-light construction and you’ve got a garment that won’t drag you down, making it the perfect additional layer

Top to Bottom Coverage

It’s not just your arms, legs and body which get cold, it’s your hands, feet and head too. That’s why we supply a huge variety of thermal underwear products, designed to keep every part of your body warm and dry.

Take, for example, Scruffs Ultimate Thermal Socks, with a tog rating of 2.4 and extra cushioning to keep your feet ultra-cosy in even the toughest weather conditions.

Water Wicking Technology

At this stage, we know what you’re thinking – what about sweat? It’s hardly a secret, but when we get hot, we start to sweat. If this water collects in the thermal underwear and sits on your skin, you’re in for an uncomfortable, cold time.

Luckily, modern thermal underwear is built with that issue in mind, and feature incredible water wicking technology.

By pulling the sweat away from your skin and towards the outside, thermal underwear like JCB’s Base Layer Thermal Bottoms will ensure that no matter how warm you are, you don’t have to deal with the unpleasant effects of sweat.

At MAD4TOOLS, we’re proud to supply a huge variety of thermal underwear from some of the biggest manufacturers in the business. From Scruffs to JCB via Xcelcius and more, we’ve got everything you need to stay comfortable throughout the winter. Best of all though? We offer everything at a superb discount, so you never wind up paying over the odds. Check out our full range today.

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