Time – it’s often said – waits for no man, but when it comes to power tools, the same holds true.

Technology is always marching forwards, bringing us ever more capable, portable and usable electronic devices – be them computers, smartphones or even cars.

But it’s not just luxurious electronics which benefit from improvements in technology, because our power tools do too. Oh, sure, they’re not getting 4K touchscreens, super-powerful processors or wireless capabilities any time soon, but they’re making important leaps forward which make upgrading a no-brainer.

At MAD4TOOLS, we’ve always taken great pride in bringing the latest in power tool technology to our customers. If it’s innovative, exciting and – crucially – better than what came before it, then you can bet we’ll stock it.

But what are the big advancements of recent years which you can take advantage of today? Let’s take a look.


Bigger, more powerful batteries

You only need to look at the world around you to realise why improvements to battery technology are at the forefront of the tech industries attention. From our smartphones to our laptops and, increasingly, our cars and public transport, the demand for more powerful batteries with more capacity is clear.

In recent years, that’s led to consumer-level battery packs which run for longer and provide a higher voltage too. That’s meant exciting, totally cordless products like the CEL POWER8 Cordless Workshop Pro Kit, which runs off a single battery pack to create a portable workstation anywhere you need it with 8 ultra-powerful and versatile tools.

These new batteries are also being used to power tools which, previously, were either powered by petrol or a direct mains source. The Hyundai HYC36Li 36v Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Chainsaw, for example, provides the full power of a traditionally powered chainsaw with the green-credentials and portability of battery power.


Smarter accessories

Power tools are about getting a job done quickly and efficiently, but it’s the accessories which often help us improve our performance most drastically.

Recent years have seen a refocusing on accessories from manufacturers as they look to improve the performance of their products and boost satisfaction rates amongst customers. It’s led to vital products like the Rockler Lathe Dust Collection System Attachment, which effortlessly collects dust and shavings from spindle turning projects, letting you focus on the work and not the mess being created.


Lighter, strong and more ergonomic designs

The utility of a power tool is determined by more than its mere power output. After all, what use is a power tool which can do the job, but can’t be held comfortably for long periods of time?

It’s why power tool manufacturers have poured significant effort into making their latest generation of tools lighter, stronger and more ergonomic than ever before.

This new generation of tools is carefully designed to fit perfectly within your hand, flow with your natural movement and reduce the risk of HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) by reducing harmful vibrations.  They’re significant innovations which mean that you can use your tools for longer, with greater control and to a higher level of safety.




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