As Spring is upon us, now is the correct time to check over all of your gardening tools to ensure that they are still up to the task. It is essential to prepare your equipment for storage, to ensure that it stays in mint condition resulting in it having a long life span.

Whether its power tools or hand tools, each tool requires maintenance if you want them to last. So below Mad4Tools have created some care and guidance tips you can use to make sure your tools are always up for the job in hand!

Maintaining A Lawnmower

Clean garden tools

Tools should be cleaned after each use. Doing so keeps weeds, seeds, fungi and diseases from being spread around the garden. Keeping your equipment cleans also extends the life of the tool by removing rust enhancing soil from steel surfaces.

Hand tools such as trowels, spades and rakes or any tool that comes into contact with soil should be hosed off with water, whereas power tools such as lawnmowers a more timely maintenance is required to remove a build up of grass and mud. Always allow your gardening equipment to fully dry before storing them away again.

Trowel Being Washed With A Spade

Prevent rust on tools

Steel tool heads are susceptible to rust when exposed to oxygen, so even after washing and drying your tools some additional maintenance is required. Spraying the steel with either motor oil or WD40 insulates the steel and prevents it from oxidizing.

Sharpen your tools

If you want to take good care of your garden tools, proper maintenance includes keeping the edges of certain tools, such as shovels and spades nice and sharp. The simplest way is to use a fine metal file.

  • Set the file on the edge of the tool and move away from your body using smooth even strokes.
  • Do not drag the file back.
  • Lift it from the edge and place it back at the starting position, resulting in a much faster cut.

Sharpening of lawnmower blades is also necessary as the blades get clogged with wood sticks and stones from the ground. This can be a bit more complicated and is usually a lot easier to just replace the blades, otherwise seek the professional lawnmowers supplier to sharpen the blades accordingly.

Lawnmower checks

Check out the fuel quality and standard before purchasing. A low standard fuel may require replacement due to containment of debris and can affect the performance of your machine engine.

Cleaning the air filter carbon is vital as it is the most important part for a better performance of the lawn mower. This can be a common problem so if cleaning the filter doesn’t improve the performance it may be necessary to replace it.

Garden Equipment
Storing your tools

The elements are the biggest enemy of garden tools. As most tools are generally made from wood and metal, they are susceptible to rotting and rust if exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time. Storing your garden tools in either a shed or garage will ensure years of safe and productive use.

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