Top Ten Hand Tools Every Toolbox Needs

The modern toolbox is something that hasn’t really changed over the centuries. Just like our parents, their parents, and their parents before, our toolboxes are essential objects, housing all our must-have tools.

Over the years, our toolboxes grow with each new addition, but from time to time it’s important to stop, take stock of what you’ve got and see whether your core tools are up to the job. At MAD4TOOLS, we’re proud to supply everything you need for your ultimate toolbox, but what are the top ten tools you shouldn’t be without?

Here is our complete list of essential tools:

1. Hammers

A hammer is perhaps the single most utilised tool in any toolbox, so don’t get caught short without one. Whether you’re knocking nails into the wall or dismantling furniture, a good general-purpose claw hammer like the Ox Trade Claw Hammer will see you through most jobs.

You may find the need to store more specialist hammers in your toolbox too depending on the industry you work in.

2. Sledgehammer

When brute force is needed, you’re going to need a sledgehammer. Its heavy hammer and long handle make it a must-have tool in situations where breaking up rocks and concrete is required. Whether you need a lightweight fibreglass sledgehammer or a fully insulated one for working near live wires, our range will have you covered.

3. Crowbars

Ideal for pulling tough nails out of wood and getting into tough areas, the crowbar is a fantastic all-purpose tool. With crowbars starting from less than £5, like the Silverline Samson Crowbar, it’s not one that will break the bank either.

4. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are utilised all over your home, from light switches to flat pack furniture, so having a ready stable of screwdrivers available is vital. Whether you’re buying individual flat-head and Philips-head screwdrivers or a screwdriver bit set, you’ll find that having screwdrivers to hand saves you more than once.

5. Chisels

From wood to metal and back again, chisels can prove invaluable tools in your toolbox. Whether you’re knocking old paint off furniture or smoothing off edges, our range of wood chisels has something for every need.

6. Pliers

Pliers come in a range of shapes and sizes, from combination pliers to locking pliers via side-cutting, long-nosed and water-pump, and each serve a number of vital purposes around the house. Whether you’re cutting thick wires or changing taps, you’ll find that our comprehensive range of pliers has you covered.

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7. Spanners and Wrenches

A good set of spanners like Silverline’s DIY Combination Spanner Set doesn’t cost the earth, but they can help you with countless jobs where gripping and twisting can be a struggle, so don’t be without them in your toolbox.

Similar in purpose to a spanner, but with adjustable heads. Wrenches come in a variety of styles, from pipe wrenches to hand wrenches and gripping wrenches. For countless jobs around the home, you’re going to need a wrench.

8. Hand saws

Don’t get caught out by jobs that require sawing, invest in a high-quality saw instead. A good, multi-purpose wood hand saw like the Ox Trade Hand Saw, which is perfect for most DIY sawing jobs. For pruning trees or tough flora, a bow saw is the smarter bet.

9. Measurement tools

A job done well requires precision, so get it right with our range of measuring and surveying tools. Your toolbox should have a tape measure, spirit level and square, at the very least.

10. Clamps

Whether you’re holding wood in place, glueing two objects together or simply keeping an object in place as you work on it, clamps form an essential part of any toolbox. We’d recommend the Stanley Max Iron Bailey G-Clamp for most purposes.

Depending on the industry you work in, your most essential tools may vary slightly. Our list comprises the most common tools DIYers or tradies would need. Start with the most basic hand tools, like a measuring tape, screwdriver and hammer. These tools are fairly cheap to get a hold of too, so they won’t break the bank!

We’d also recommend that you invest in some PPE whether that’s safety spectacles, gloves or even a first aid kit.

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