The JSP EVO 8 MK8 Evolution safety helmet is the only industrial safety helmet in the world meeting and exceeding the EN14052 standard.

This the worlds strongest industrial safety helmet has especially designed features to provide impact protection from top, side, front and rear with its shock absorbing EPS liner optimising low angle impact performance.

As you can see from the graphic below with the cut through of the helmet showing this thick strong protective material.

These helmets are suitable for all industrial purposes including Demolition, oil & gas, off-shore drilling, Quarrying, Tunnelling, high-rise construction and working at height to name a few.

To demonstrate how exceptional and protective these helmets are please watch the below JSP testing video:



Other features of a top quality JSP helmet that this evo 8 JSP helmet includes are the 4 point chin strap, extremely comfortable tereylene webbing moulds and lightweight EPS liner.

Get your Mk8 evo8 JSP Helmet from today.


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