Uvex eyewear

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a necessity throughout many industries, but it can often prove difficult to chose the most suitable items to comply with your particular requirements and budget. This is where Mad4tools can help you. We are a supplier of a brand named Uvex who are one of the most success manufacturers of PPE.

Uvex are recognised worldwide due to their quality German engineering, they invest endless amounts of time and money into research and development to ensure that their products are completely innovative.

Uvex is often described as being expensive in the industry, however the sheer quality of the products means that they have a longer life span than other PPE brands, meaning that you are making a saving in the long run. All of Uvex’s products exceed the safety standards and enables the products to fit perfectly, minimise fatigue and increase well being for the wearer.

See below for an example of their eyewear:

Uvex eyewear

In regards to eyewear, it is essential to envision them as an investment, rather than just a purchase. Uvex have actually have demonstrated that buying low cost safety eyewear can be more expensive in the long run. Uvex have conducted in house tests on the lens coatings levels of durability against their competitors. They repeatedly cleaned the lenses to monitor how quickly the fog coating deteriorated. The basis was on two washes per week through 44 weeks per year. See below for the results:

Uvex demonstration

A simple calculation can be carried out in order to work out the annual spend and usage for an individual. The total yearly cost would be £44 per person, if they purchased a pair which cost £2, as they would go through 22 pairs per year. Whereas, the users of the £6 glasses would only need 3.6 pairs per year, meaning that they will only spend £21.60 per year. This test shows that it is essential to invest in higher quality spectacles as the anti-fog coating lasts longer.

It is essential to invest in higher quality PPE equipment, not only due to the cost, but as of factors such as safety levels, concentration levels and landfill.


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