Washing – we’ve all got it and we all need somewhere to put it. Of course, you could drape your washing over every available radiator in your home, but there is a better option available. No, we’re not talking about the expense and bulk of a drying machine, but about a washing line.

Just about as traditional as they come, washing lines are designed on the notion that there’s simply no better way to dry your clothes than by the power of the sun. It’s a logic that’s hard to disagree with, especially given the fact that sun-drying your clothes is completely free and environmentally friendly.

Choosing the right washing line isn’t necessarily as simple as you might think though, because there are a number of designs out there, each with their own distinct advantages which can make deciding between them difficult.

At MAD4TOOLS, we supply a wide range of washing lines from leading manufacturers like Hills and Valley and in this article, we’re going to share the different types of washing line available.


Rotary Folding Washing Lines

Rotary folding washing lines will be familiar to lots of us as they’re an extremely common sight around the UK. Once installed in a garden, they offer a rotating, fold-away washing line that resembles an umbrella turned inside out.

With a number of lines and space for dozens of items of clothing, they’re a fantastic option for those who don’t mind a permanent fixture in their garden with models like the Hills Rotary Folding 7 Washing Line offering space for up to a 5 person wash.


Retractable Clothes Washing Lines

For those who don’t want a permanent fixture on their lawn, retractable clothes washing lines make a fine alternative.

Taking the form of a sleek box on your wall, a retractable washing line like the Hills Everyday 6 Retractable Clothes Washing Line have a number of lines which are pulled out simultaneously. Simply walk the lines to where you want and hook them to a solid surface, be it a pole or wall.

From there, all you need to do is load your washing and unhook the lines when you’re done! It’s so simple. For homes without poles or walls to attach a retractable line to, the Hills Extenda Retractable Washing Line Post Kit makes for a superb solution.


Wall-Mounted Folding Clothes Washing Line

For those with smaller gardens or simply no post or wall to attach a retractable clothesline to, wall-mounted folding clotheslines make for an excellent choice. The Hills Supa Fold Mono Wall Mounted Folding Clothes Washing Line attached securely to the exterior wall of your home and folds out with a click to instantly create 21m of line space, enough to hold a large wash.

Unobtrusive when in use and barely visible when not in use, wall-mounted folding clotheslines make for a compelling option for any homeowner and with a 10-year peace of mind guarantee on all Hills products, you can be confident of quality.



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