At MAD4TOOLS, we’ve always stood for the same three things; quality, affordability and customer service. They’re the three elements which have helped us grow into the major tool and equipment supplier we are today, and we’re extremely proud of them.

However, when it comes to ‘quality’, we worry that customers don’t quite know what we mean. After all, what separates quality tools from low-quality tools, and how do we ensure we only sell the former? Let us explain.

The Difference Between High and Low-Quality Tools

It might seem obvious, but the primary difference between low and high-quality tools is the way they’re manufactured, and the user they’re designed for.

Low quality tools are typically made using lower cost components than the trade versions of equipment in order to lower their cost. They’re often acceptable for home use, but for the stress of the site, they’re far less than ideal, because if a vital tool fails in use, it’s more than the replacement that costs you.

The situation is muddied by the fact that a single company might sell 5 versions of the same type of tool, so how are you expected to know which tools are worth your time?

It’s simple; we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

With decades of hands on experience within our team within the DIY and trade sectors, we know what good tools and equipment feel like. But it’s not just experience which feeds our understanding of what makes a quality tool. We also ensure:

  • Every single product we sell meets all EN European standards for safety and quality
  • All manufacturers meet our strict quality and ethical standards
  • Every product is effectively tested

That’s what we mean when we say ‘quality’, so don’t delay on ordering from our superb range – it won’t let you down.

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