Aside from the Rhino brand being well known in the building and manufacturing industries the short answer is simply that these are as they say “amazingly powerful and virtually indestructible”.

Of all the large powerful fans on the market this Air Raid 500 Fan is the only one with a big strong fan surround / chassis.

You will also notice from the detailed picture below the large wheels, it is the only one with large robust wheels suitable for warehouses as well as building sites and off road areas.

The clever designers at Rhino have also made these high output fans easy to move around with a frame that not only acts as a trolley but also has high easy to use handles on both ends and skids for added balance, protection and to provide a level base for the powerful fan to kick out its cooling breeze.

These fans are very popular understandably with such features and power and at a very competitive price. Available in 110v or 240v get yours while stocks last.

Get your hands on one of these amazingly powerful and virtually indestructible high output fans from us at

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