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When it comes to workwear, your demands are simple. You need clothes which won’t tear and fail at the first sign of hard work. Clothes that are designed to complement your work, and clothes that keep you looking and feeling good. Finding all those qualities in workwear isn’t always easy, especially when you’re shopping online.

But which is the brand you can trust to deliver all of the above? The answer is Scruffs Workwear.

This UK company might have only launched in 2003, but their relentless eye for quality and striving to improve their products have won them a place in the lives of countless tradesmen, contractors and hobbyists around the world.

We’re extremely proud to supply a wide range of Scruffs workwear to our customers, but why do we believe in Scruffs so much? Here’s five huge reasons:

Clothing Designed for Work

Too often, workwear is designed to look and feel good, but they aren’t designed for the rigours of a hard day’s work. Not so with Scruffs, which are designed to keep going, even in the toughest circumstances.

From their boots which are weatherproof, shockproof and extremely comfortable to their Worker Plus trousers which feature a multitude of multi-function pockets, reinforced knee and crotch areas and knee pad inserts, for extended periods of kneeling.

It’s a trend of careful design that you’ll find is common across their entire range, and why we believe Scruffs clothing is amongst the finest designed workwear today.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Scruffs range of personal protection products such as their safety boots, safety gloves and safety spectacles are all made to EN standard, ensuring you are safe while working.  At MAD4TOOLS we make it easy for you to identify the key Scruffs safety features with a breakdown of each feature in our detailed product listings.

Attention to Detail

All Scruffs workwear is made from durable, high-performance materials, and loaded with clever functional features.

Some items contain features that are so subtly innovative that you probably won’t even notice they’re there, to begin with. Did you know, for example, that the cuffs on some of their jackets have been designed to stop rubble, dust and debris from going up your arm? When it comes to workwear, it really is the little things that make all the difference.

Workwear to Show Off

Of course, whilst workwear should first and foremost serve our practical needs, it needs to look good too. Whether we like to admit it or not, we want to look good.

Scruffs designers know that, making it easy for tradespeople to look good when working hard.  Whether grafting in cold, wet or dry conditions, the vital factors remain the same – the highest levels of comfort, protection and styling that turns heads on and off the job.

Whether you’re looking at their Trade Air-Layer Hoodie or their Vintage Fleece Joggers, you’ll find that their clothes marry function with form to create workwear that you’ll be keen to be seen in.

Affordability for Everyone

Workwear takes serious battering, and so from time to time, you need to replace items. With some brands, you’ll find that a painful experience for your bank balance – but not with Scruffs.

Whether you’re buying safety specs, gloves, trousers, socks, shirts, coats, overclothes or any other Scruffs product, you’ll find their prices to be more than fair. Even better though? Our fantastic discounts on the full range of Scruffs clothing means you’ll never pay over the odds for the everyday essentials which make your job that much easier.

Discover our full range of workwear, including our range of Scruffs clothing and accessories.


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