Winter workwear essentials

Let’s be honest with ourselves – when winter sets in, everything gets just that little bit harder.

Less safe underfoot and with less dexterity in our fingers, even the smallest jobs can become not only difficult but dangerous too. Aside from filling up the flask and blowing warm air into cupped hands though, what can we do to keep out the cold and bring our work rate back up to scratch?

The answer, as we’re sure you know, is winter workwear. If you’re a tradesperson currently working outside, here’s a few of our handpicked choices, so you can be walking in a winter workwear wonderland too. Let’s go.

Winter Work Hats

Keeping warm isn’t just about big coats and gloves, it’s about paying attention to areas of your body where heat is likely to escape from. When you’re working outside, that means your head.

Not just any hat will do though, because most sites require you to wear certain Personal Protection equipment, namely, a hard hat.

That’s why you need a Scruffs Peaked Beanie Hat. Extremely affordable and superbly stylish, this insulated peaked beanie fits underneath most hard hats, so you can get on with your job safely, without losing body heat along the way.  Available in 3 different colours, black, navy & graphite grey.

Paired with Scruffs Snood Scarf Neck Warmer, you’ll be ready to take on the elements, whatever they might have in store with you.

Winter Work Jackets and Thermals

Building an effective base layer is the first step to keeping warm in adverse conditions, which is why we recommend you invest in some Thermal Trousers and Top. These soft, comfortable base layers will keep your body temperature up, even if you have to remove or open your coat for a period.

From there, choose from our stunning range of winter jackets. Jackets like the Scruffs Waterproof Worker Jacket combine a waterproof rating of 3000mm with a lightweight mesh lining, ideal for layering, making it the perfect accessory for all wet and cold weather.

Winter Work Trousers

We all know how hard our trousers work whilst on site, but when winter rolls around, things get considerably tougher. Ice cold surfaces, lashing rain and snow – plus an increased chance of slipping – means you need the very best.

That’s why we offer an unparalleled range of work trousers to beat the elements, each designed to help you get your job done safely and comfortably.

Winter Work Boots and Gloves

Last (but certainly not least) are those most vital of personal protection equipment – work boots and gloves.

Keeping feet warm is essential to keeping working comfortably and safely, but did you know the fastest way feet lose their heat is when they’re wet? It’s for that reason that we strongly suggest you invest in a pair of waterproof safety boots, like this model from V12, which is waterproof, anti-static, heat resistant and has a composite toecap and midsole. It also features the innovative IGS rubber sole unit to ensure superb grip on all surfaces.

If you prefer a welly, we’ve got you covered too with our wide range of safety wellingtons. Offering all of the benefits of a standard wellington, our footwear also has the added benefit of heat and impact resistance, making them ideal for all your on site jobs.

Your hands too require special protection during the winter months, protection offered by products like the DeWalt Thermal Winter Safety Gloves which keep hands warm and dry in even the coldest conditions, as well as protecting you at work.

For more winter essentials, head over to our Best Selling Winter Workwear category.

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