Combi-drills, drill drivers, percussion and hammer drills, breaker, diamond core drills and drill bit sharpeners from trusted brands, all at discounted prices.


Electric saws from big brands Bosch, Makita, GMC, Dewalt and more, for industrial or domestic jobs.


Quality Grinders - Angle Grinders, Bench Grinders, Multi Grinders

Fixing Tools

Get the job done quicker with our range of fixing power tools including impact drivers, wrenches, nailers and screw guns from leading brands like Dewalt, Einhell,Silverline, GMX, Triton, all at extremely competitive prices and delivered worldwide.

Sanders & Polishers

Wide range of sanders and polishers from GMC, Silverline and more...


Biscuit joiners, routers, planers, and heat and glue guns from trusted brands Bosch, Silverline, Triton, GMC and more.

Power Cleaners

Browse our fantastic range of cleaning and dust control tools from leading brands. From capet cleaners to dust extraction, our range has something to suit every requirement.


Power tools for any decorating project - paint and plaster stirrers, wallpaper strippers and paint sprayers from Bosch, Silverline, Earlex and GMC.

Garden Machinery

Garden power tools for gardeners and landscapers. Quality brands, including Hyundai, Silverline and GMC.

Air Tools

Compact and light air tools from trusted brands such as Silverline. With less internal componentry air tools can prove to be more reliable as well as being lighter than their electric counter parts.


No surveying task is too difficult with our wide range of surveying equipment, encompasing distance minders from major brands like Bosch laser levels, measuring wheels, metering devices, gas detectors and much, much more.


Range of welders from brands such as Silverline - 90 Amp to 250 Amp options.

Batteries & Chargers

Industrial batteries and chargers from top trusted brands CEL, GMC, Silverline and Triton, all at competitive prices.

Get the job done with our high-quality power tools

Mad4Tools is your one-stop tool shop. We stock 1000s of products at incredible prices from all the top brands in the UK. So, if you’re looking for a 20v cordless drill, grinder, jigsaw, electric saw, router, sander, garden machinery or anything else, shop online today.
We are dedicated to selling only the highest quality equipment, which is why we stock the best brands including Silverline, GMC, Sealey, and JBC. When you shop with us, you’ll benefit from excellent customer service, value for money and a free 30-day money back guarantee.

Electric tools for DIY & trade

We sell a wide range of electric tools to suit both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for DIY tools for a home improvement project or you’re a contractor that needs power and reliability, you’re sure to find the right tool at the right price.

What voltage power tools do I need?

Power tools come in different voltages but which one is right for the job? When choosing a power tool, it’s important you select one that is powerful enough to get the job done. The voltage rating indicates how much electrical power the appliance can deliver. Here are some common power tool voltages with an explanation of their applications:
- 3.6v: These are usually lightweight cordless screwdrivers that are easy to use around the house. They are perfect for small tasks like assembling flat packed furniture or hanging pictures.
- 12v: Compact and versatile and can handle light to medium jobs like drilling, cutting, or sanding. They are ideal for DIYers and homeowners who need a reliable and portable tool.
- 18v: Professional standard with more torque that can tackle heavy-duty tasks like drilling through concrete, metal, or wood. They are suitable for contractors and tradespeople who need a higher level of power and durability.
- 20v: Similar to 18v, but with a slightly higher voltage and performance. They are usually designed to work with lithium-ion batteries that offer a longer run time and faster charging.
- 110v: The set standard for use on commercial sites. They are corded and require a transformer to operate. These are just as powerful as their 240v counterparts but are safer due to the lower voltage.
- 240v: These are corded, run on mains electricity and provide excellent power and performance. They are used for demanding, heavy duty tasks such as construction and demolition. 240v electrical appliances are not normally permitted on commercial sites due to health and safety. If you are unsure, then check with the site manager.